Aging-In-Place and Living In Place™

Design Considerations

Below you absorb a generous sampling of design considerations to allow you to live and age more gracefully in your home. Most are quite practical and appreciated at any age, in any home. An experienced designer like Becky Sue will help you choose solutions that will be aesthetically pleasing and make your home more safe and comfortable for everyone!

General Design

  • minimal steps, most specifically at entry points
  • ramps versus stairs
  • contrasting colors to aid with depth perception
  • generous light, both natural and artificial
  • open floor plans and larger door openings
  • lever handles instead of knobs
  • rugs with low-pile to avoid tripping

Laundry Design

  • close proximity to bedrooms
  • front load appliances raised 12-15” from floor
  • wall cabinets lowered to top of appliances
  • folding counter at 30-36” high
  • pull down closet rod and/or shelving

Bath Design

  • zero entry shower and/or tub system
  • grab bars in shower, tub and toilet areas
  • textured or anti-slip flooring treatment
  • handheld shower at bench, valves close reach

Kitchen Design

  • hands free faucet or foot pedal
  • generous task lighting
  • large drawers
  • microwave no higher than 54″ to the top
  • oven with side swing doors
  • lower working counter (30”)
  • controls on cooking equipment near front, or side
  • eased corners on counter tops
  • dishwasher placement outside of heavy traffic zone

Zero-Entry Showers

For over a decade the trend for curb-less (aka zero entry) showers has been steadily growing.  Why not? It is aesthetically pleasing, easier to clean and without question lowers risk for injuries as you enter or leave the shower. There are several methods to achieve this, but not all can be used in every home. BeckySue helps evaluate your space and educates you on types of zero entry systems that best suit the construction of your home.

Grab Bars

Avoid towel bars which are not designed to support body weight. Many manufacturers offer grab bars specifically designed to replicate the appearance of a towel bar that also aid to better mobility.

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Home Modifications

Browse through the home modification articles to discover options for aging-in-place comfortably. We love to feature the best devices that make aging in your home more comfortable and accommodate your needs as they change.

Tap Your Toe Faucet

Tap Your Toe Faucet

A while back I shared information about a foot pedal that offers hands-free use at your kitchen or bathroom sink. Keyword search for foot pedals brings up several economical solutions, but for those seeking a more streamlined and advanced system, read on. Free your...

Sliding Shower with Curbless Entry

Sliding Shower with Curbless Entry

This master bathroom was a massive makeover from a highly unproportionate, safety-hazardous builder-grade bathroom. The sliding door shower system with a curbless entry encloses the shower on one end. Relocating the tub provided a great view of the backyard through...

Foot Faucet

Foot Faucet

This product is no longer available by the manufacturer. See Tap Your Toe Faucet for another style by Grohe. Yes, you read that right. Easy to use and discreet, this foot faucet will save water, stop germs from spreading with the hands-free design.  Imagine...

Bathroom Safety with Style

Bathroom Safety with Style

The common perception of safety in the bathroom brings visions of industrial-looking grab bars. After you read this article I hope that your mind opens up and considers the vast amount of opportunities we have to make our bathrooms a safe place.    Then...

Clever Design Solutions for Aging-In-Place Design

Clever Design Solutions for Aging-In-Place Design

Aging-in-place is a popular choice among seniors and, while it certainly requires some thoughtful changes in home design and function, it most certainly does not mean converting the home into a series of sterile, hospital-like rooms, as any Certified Aging-In-Place...

Universal Kitchen Design Ideas

This video highlights the features of the kitchen in the CRDA Universal Design Demo home. Here is a list of good ideas for your own home modifications. Pull out dishwasher drawers with audio cues that the drawer is open, and load/unload with ease without drop down...

Why You Should Choose a Certified Aging-In Place Specialist

Why You Should Choose a Certified Aging-In Place Specialist

Choosing a CAPS professional is always the right choice for an aging-in-place remodeling project or new home construction for those seniors building the home they want to age in. These professionals have taken part in a training and certification process through the...

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