Aging-In-Place and Living In Place™

Design Considerations: Explore a comprehensive list of design considerations that will enhance your living experience and allow you to age gracefully in your home. These practical solutions, applicable at any age and in any home, are intended to prioritize your safety, comfort, and aesthetic preferences. With the expertise of experienced designer Becky Sue, you can select the most suitable solutions that improve your home’s functionality and make it visually appealing. Create a space that is secure, comfortable, and inviting for everyone!

General Design

  • minimal steps, most specifically at entry points
  • ramps versus stairs
  • contrasting colors to aid with depth perception
  • generous light, both natural and artificial
  • open floor plans and larger door openings
  • lever handles instead of knobs
  • rugs with low-pile to avoid tripping

Laundry Design

  • close proximity to bedrooms
  • front load appliances raised 12-15” from floor
  • wall cabinets lowered to top of appliances
  • folding counter at 30-36” high
  • pull down closet rod and/or shelving

Bath Design

  • zero entry shower and/or tub system
  • grab bars in shower, tub and toilet areas
  • textured or anti-slip flooring treatment
  • handheld shower at bench, valves close reach

Kitchen Design

  • hands free faucet or foot pedal
  • generous task lighting
  • large drawers
  • microwave no higher than 54″ to the top
  • oven with side swing doors
  • lower working counter (30”)
  • controls on cooking equipment near front, or side
  • eased corners on counter tops
  • dishwasher placement outside of heavy traffic zone

Zero-Entry Showers

For over a decade the trend for curb-less (aka zero entry) showers has been steadily growing.  Why not? It is aesthetically pleasing, easier to clean and without question lowers risk for injuries as you enter or leave the shower. There are several methods to achieve this, but not all can be used in every home. BeckySue helps evaluate your space and educates you on types of zero entry systems that best suit the construction of your home.

Grab Bars

Avoid towel bars which are not designed to support body weight. Many manufacturers offer grab bars specifically designed to replicate the appearance of a towel bar that also aid to better mobility.

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