Full Service for Every Space

A comprehensive approach to your next design or renovation project.

On-Site Consultation

Your lifestyle, ideas and budget will be evaluated and prioritized as we explore creative solutions that will optimize your space and make it function more efficiently. You will be amazed and get excited at the unique possibilities that Becky Sue presents for your consideration. Start the design phase with a retainer so measurements can be completed at that time.

Consultation fee starts at $500 (subject to change).

Design Phase

Enjoy the process and decision making with less stress. You have an advocate with 30 years of extensive kitchen & bath design and construction experience paired with a vast product knowledge.

Creating the Project Details

After we deliberate ideas at the on-site consultation, we jump into the most extensive part of the process. Ideas are transformed into realistic renderings with attention given to every element of the project. This includes mechanical and construction details.

We weigh the product benefits and their market cost to tailor them to your needs and budget. Your design will blend beautiful aesthetics and functional advantages. Concentrated efforts are to stay within your scope of financial resources.

Appreciating the Details

Samples will be gathered, colors and textures will be explored, and fun will be had during our guided showrooms tours. An unrivaled attention to detail will be illustrated through renderings and plans, budget workbook and a digital storybook of your selections. You will have the confidence that you will soon love where you live!

  • Typical turnkey project design retainers start at $5,000. 
  • Retainers are designed as hourly or flat-fee; dependent to project location and complexities.

Installation Phase

You receive comprehensive plans and renderings for cabinetry, mechanical changes, electrical and lighting and construction, if applicable. All your final selections, finishes, budget worksheet and contracts are presented for your signature.

Delivery of orders

Pin up the plans on your wall and relax while we handle all the product ordering and coordinate deliveries with the lead Licensed Contractor. Open lines of communications and job site visits are conducted to answer questions and to ensure quality expectations are met.


A final walk-through is conducted to answer any questions about product use. A photography session is scheduled so your project is included in the gallery of beautiful spaces and happy homeowners!


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