There are many details involved in a design project, so it is not uncommon to have questions. Feel free to ask and follow us on social for more!

Why hire a Certified Designer?

They are trained to design within proper and safe design guidelines but also aid you with the technical aspects and challenges with installation and construction.

NKBA Certified Designers hold a wealth of information to navigate cost-effective decisions that avoid pricey mistakes.

What’s the difference of an architect and contractor?

An architect’s job is to provide a general conceptual idea of living spaces in your home. Certified Kitchen and Bath Designers begin with their blueprints and work on the specific detailing of the space and design. A contractor’s job is to work from these detailed plans to bring the designs to life.

How much is a retainer?

The investment cost of design services is greatly dependent on the size and details of your project. Quick, no commit consultations start at $500 while full design packages start at $5000.

If you enjoy the process and do not want to give up control, a designer can still benefit you. You can be as intimately involved as you wish and the designer handles the hardcore logistics as you request.

What is the National Kitchen &Bath Association (NKBA)?

The NKBA is the world’s leading trade association for the kitchen and bath industry providing tools, research, certification, and events to thousands of professionals.  Homeowners looking for a guiding hand in designing their kitchen or bath can trust our designer who completed the NKBA Certified Designer programs.

How is price and budget determined?

Your kitchen and bathroom are one of the most significant investments in your home. The cost is determined by the quality of the materials, the details of the design and the construction work needed. Designs by BSB offers guidelines and spreadsheets to help determine an appropriate budget with consideration to resale or your long term goals.

Who will do the installation?

If you have not chosen a contractor, we work closely with the most respected tradesman, Licensed Contractors, and installers in the Atlanta area. Our Contractors will meet your desired level of service, quality, and cater to your location.

Why hire a designer when I can go to a free home design center?

In short, hiring an experienced Certified Designer will save you money, prevent costly mistakes, enhance your lifestyle as well as be your partner every step of the way.

How long will the design and installation take?

Details greatly influence not only the length of the design process but also the installation and construction. On average, design and product selections take 4-6 weeks (depending on your availability and level of decisiveness), while installation for a full renovation ranges anywhere from 4-12 weeks. Due to the pandemic, these timelines are are often changing.

How do I make good choices and selections?

Designs by BSB provides the information and education needed to help you make good choices. Selections from the latest features and materials on the market are available. With our 30 years of experience, you have a partner and advocate to help you make the right choices for your investment.

Where should I buy cabinetry?
We offer competitively priced cabinetry made in the USA.
What is a CMKBD Designer?
What is CAPS Designer?


Planning & Budgeting Your Design Project

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