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Becky Sue shares her expertise and passion to move you one step closer to love where you live.

Becky Sue Becker is a Certified Master Kitchen & Bath Designer (CMKBD), a Certified Aging-In-Place Specialist (CAPS), and a Certified Living-In-Place Professional™ (CLIPP). With 30+ years of longevity and comprehensive experience in the kitchen & bath industry, she is a sought-after designer in the Atlanta region. Becky Sue’s advocacy approach means your turnkey project will be less stressful and help you love where you live.

If you are not in the trenches of design or manufacturing, Sugatsune is a name that is new to you. They have a rich tradition of manufacturing and distributing high-quality architectural hardware. Their products are unparalleled in quality, have ingenious design and meticulous attention to detail.

The “LIN-X Lateral Opening Door Hinge” is a shining example of the ingenious design that makes them a leading manufacture in the world. The average person cannot imagine a cabinet properly function unless it is in a swinging fashion. While their are quality hinges with soft close features, the swinging door is cumbersome and creates other design challenges on the rest of the space.

Imagine in your mind how your existing kitchen would function with this innovative system. If you are standing near your cooktop or baking cabinet preparing your favorite recipe, you are not forced to constantly close the door … that otherwise would be in your face, or worse, out in the open ready to give you a good ole fashion head bump!   If you are one of countless that struggles with your base corner doors, the LIN-X door will be the answer you’ve been dreaming of.

Lin-x Lateral Corner Base

Features of the LIN-X Lateral Opening Door System

  • Allows door to swing open in a small radius
  • Ideal location for entryways, hallways, kitchens, etc.
  • System allows the door to stop freely in any open position
  • Soft, self-closing
  • No rails required on the floor or ceiling of the cabinet (like their competition)
  • Vertically and horizontally adjustable after installation

Possibilities do not end with cabinetry.  This is an ideal system for doors in your home or office where spaces are tight.   Infinite possibilities in design.   A dreamy solution!

Linx Lateral Interior Door

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