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Becky Sue Becker is a Certified Master Kitchen & Bath Designer (CMKBD), a Certified Aging-In-Place Specialist (CAPS), and a Certified Living-In-Place Professional™ (CLIPP). With 30+ years of longevity and comprehensive experience in the kitchen & bath industry, she is a sought-after designer in the Atlanta region. Becky Sue’s advocacy approach means your turnkey project will be less stressful and help you love where you live.

PRODUCT REVIEW…in disguise!

One of the most interesting challenges I have had over the years when designing master bathrooms & suites is dealing with the privacy factor.    This is not only inherently a factor with homeowner’s who wish to have a open spa like bathroom, but also for those with smaller rooms looking to remove walls to create the illusion of a larger space.

So what are the options? In all of my experiences and research the most common ways to create privacy walls that offer some amount of light through has been through the use of glass, whether it be obscured (old fashion ripple, etched/frosted, patterned, etc) or the use of glass tile blocks.   There are numerous ways these are still used today, but the demand for new innovation & style has pushed way for new product and design.   Client’s are wanting personalization and fresh look.   If your desire fits your wish list, then read on…

My first product of choice is Lumicor®. This product is so creative, inspiring and innovative that it is yet to have any competition  (that I’m aware of course!).   The basics of the product is that it is a resin panel (eco-friendly by nature!) manufactured in various thicknesses, ranging from 1/16″ to 1″.    As for styles, the choices are astonishing and quite exciting!

Take a glimpse at a small range of designs they offer – woods, leaves, shells, and textiles to name a few!

The last photo above is one of my favorite applications in a master bath renovation I designed in the Spring of 2009.  The “before” plan was a typical, dated design that had the shower and toilet in a closed-in area, separated from the sinks.   With the use of the Lumicor Praire Grass Panel, privacy from the main bath area is still achieved – without sacrificing style!   The frame around the panel was custom made to match the other cabinetry throughout the room.   Here are a few additional views:

Lumicor prairie grass
Lumicor Prairie Grass Panel

For more photos on this master bathroom renovation, and other great designs,

visit my online PORTFOLIO (page 4 = VanDyne project)

Before now Lumicor was well known in hospitality/commercial arenas for unique architectural panels.   But now Lumicor is available to the design community and the possibilities for residential design are near endless!  For more creative applications visit the manufacturer’s website:

Founded in 2002, Lumicor is a privately held company located in the Puget Sound area in Washington. The company has grown substantially over the last six years as a leader in the manufacturing, cutting, and fabrication of architectural panels, all produced at its facility in Renton, Washington. Today,  Lumicor leads the industry as the pioneer of high-quality architectural resin panels paired with unrivaled customer service. To view Lumicor’s product line and for more information visit

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