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Becky Sue Becker is a Certified Master Kitchen & Bath Designer (CMKBD), a Certified Aging-In-Place Specialist (CAPS), and a Certified Living-In-Place Professional™ (CLIPP). With 30+ years of longevity and comprehensive experience in the kitchen & bath industry, she is a sought-after designer in the Atlanta region. Becky Sue’s advocacy approach means your turnkey project will be less stressful and help you love where you live.

Kohler Flipside

Flipside Handshower

This hand shower is the perfect example that not all are created equal!  Recently I attended a KOHLER Showroom (PDI in Lawrenceville, GA) where they educated a crowd on new product releases and innovations.   The Flipside was part of the presentation, and I won the door prize … to take one home!  (I never win anything.. so I was very thrilled!) I did not hesitate to get this marvel installed into my master shower!   From day one of using it my opinion of hand showers (I had a well known Alson’s previously) changed dramatically – simply no comparison.   The different flows have unique names (all starting with K) and their deliverance is like no other.   The Kotton is my favorite of them all, feeling almost like a rain shower.

  • Koverage – a classic, soothing everyday shower
  • Kotton – a soft enveloping downpour of relaxation
  • Kurrent – a targeted massage spray that eases aches and revitalizes the body
  • Komotion – a circular pattern for a deeper sense of an exhilarating massage

For a FULL demonstration on all the incredible features of this sprayer … just clicky HERE!   And at a selling price of $85-110 (plus hose/mounting brackets), it is worth every penny!

The Flipside handshower brings you four distinct showering sensations, each with its own dedicated sprayface on your choice of three unique models. Innovative Flipstream™ technology makes selecting a spray both simple and stylish. Just flip the sprayhead on its axis–no impossible twisting–to enjoy the spray that best suits your needs. Switch between the traditional, soothing Koverage, the softer, silkier spray of Kotton, the exhilarating, circular pattern Komotion or the targeted Kurrent spray. With three style options, there’s a handshower for every bathroom and a spray sensation for every need.

A KOHLER Representative interviewed at the Kitchen & Bath Industrial Show:

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