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Think outside the box with these perennial and emerging kitchen cabinet trends ~
white hot

It may be the start of a new decade, but some kitchen cabinet trends are timeless. “Functionality is still number one with us,” said Pat Caulfield, AKBD, VP of sales & marketing at Keener Kitchen, a full-service kitchen and bath cabinet manufacturer and design firm with showrooms in Red Lion, PA, and Timonium, MD.

In addition, value and quality are more important than ever these days. “More and more people are bargain hunting,” Caulfield said. “This is a fashion industry, so people want ornamentation—but not over the top. It’s not fashionable now to be a blatant consumer.” She added, “People want items that are well-manufactured and will last.”

On top of this perennial trifecta of trends, some new kitchen cabinetry trends have emerged. Caulfield illustrates five recent cabinet preferences with photos of kitchen designs by Keener Kitchen.



“‘Transitional Contemporary’ is the new term,” said Caulfield. “Clients want something that will stand the test of time.” The use of heavy Tuscan-style moldings has really toned down, for example. “People still want moldings, but in an understated and traditional sense,” she said.


white hot

“Ever since the Diane Keaton movie, Something’s Gotta Give, with that great white kitchen, we’ve seen a huge surge in that style,” Caulfield said. “It’s a throwback to grandma’s kitchen—white paint, inset door, bin pulls. People are searching for a level of comfort that is a throwback to what they remember.”


making it work

“Organization and storage units are very popular [hidden] inside cabinetry,” said Caulfield, “including Le Mans corner systems, ‘mixer lifts’ and pullout tray shelves.”


coordinating hdwe

“Oil-rubbed bronze, brushed stainless and nickel—these are not going away because of stainless appliances,” Caulfield said. “People are sticking with hardware that goes with those.” Bin pulls, from contemporary to traditional, are still popular, as is mixing hardware.


custom touches

While homeowners may keep cabinet styles simple, they are adding interest with appliances and accessories. “Appliances are the new bling,” said Caulfield. “Microwaves, dishwashers, warming drawers—little luxuries are becoming important. A hot pink KitchenAid mixer can pop the space, but can be changed easily.”

All photos courtesy of Keener Kitchen. Article Written By Ellen Sturm Niz via Kitchen and Bath Design Trends From Kitchen and Bath Business Magazine – kbb.

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