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Becky Sue shares her expertise and passion to move you one step closer to love where you live.

Becky Sue Becker is a Certified Master Kitchen & Bath Designer (CMKBD), a Certified Aging-In-Place Specialist (CAPS), and a Certified Living-In-Place Professional™ (CLIPP). With 30+ years of longevity and comprehensive experience in the kitchen & bath industry, she is a sought-after designer in the Atlanta region. Becky Sue’s advocacy approach means your turnkey project will be less stressful and help you love where you live.

The 2012 Kitchen & Bath Industry Show was held in Chicago.  It’s hard to keep me away from KBIS and Gino’s East. My visit is typically only a few days, but I do my best to take advantage of the opportunity and eat there twice. Typically within hours of landing, even if it’s brunch!

So here is the best of KBIS 2012.


My first pick is from a leader. KOHLER has always had the booth that everyone flocks to and others envy.  Hands-on, water flowing plays on your mood and every one of your senses, wants, and needs. One can easily lose all sense of time in their mammoth, revolutionary booth.

Below is my first sighting. While you may not see what is exciting, stay with me here.

What is the Hydrorail?

It’s a column that solves several issues and saves you dollars.  Nowadays homeowners are seeking to make the most of what they have and while there may be some deals out there, it’s often at the sacrifice of quality.  Cost isn’t going down, so how do you save? Labor.

The HyrdoRail is the answer to update your single valve, single outlet (shower head only) bathroom. Transform your standard, boring shower into a spa-like experience with a rain head and a hand shower.  Best part?  Within an hour.  How? You get a complete system with the valve which leads upwards with a hand held shower (sliding bar) to a rain head shower head.  Wow.

Simple upgrade without sacrifce.

Atlanta residents can see this for yourself at PDI showrooms.

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